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Exploring Visual Cultures - Newsletter #10

Exploring Visual Cultures - Newsletter #10


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Dear readers, supporters, contributors and friends of EVC,



2022 was certainly EVC's most intensive year to date. Collaborations in the context of documenta fifteen have shaped many of our activities. Many projects were carried out, on site, but above all in cooperation: The Lectures Series, for example, was concluded with inspiring lectures in February. At the invitation of Mary Claire Kidenda, a coordination meeting took place in Nairobi in April. This finally led to the highlight of the year, the International Summer School in August with 50 participants, organised by Constanze Kirchner and Nicola Pauli.


With 100 entries, our database has now reached a critical phase this year. New ways of access are therefore necessary due to the quantity. In addition to the filters and the search function, the Lab will play an important role in the future. Here we have first, very convincing approaches. Take a look! And, please, send us your ideas and suggestions for further development!


The Expert Panel, our steering group, has further consolidated in terms of personnel. Now each country is represented by three people. It has met twice in person and five times online under the leadership of Avi Sooful. The minutes can be found on our homepage. Runette Kruger recently initiated an interesting workshop on 'funding'.


Exhibition activities have also increased in 2022, partly in reconstruction of older approaches. An interesting and exciting mix of analogue and virtual!

The series of print publications culminated this year with the public launch of our first joint book "Visual Cultures of Africa" in Nairobi. We are already looking forward to two more joint publications in 2023. (By the way, you can find the current list here).


A team of Brazilian artists and the "National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens (EMST)" have joined EVC this year. These great new members  promise new and innovative impulses for the coming years. They will broaden our perspectives. A warm welcome to Brazil and to Athens. Marina Tsekou has contributed a great project in the last four weeks: Refugees see artworks from the "National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens (EMST)".


On 31 December, EVC will leave the Munich Art Academy, where it was institutionalised five years ago. It returns to the place where it all began: the UNESCO Chair for Cultural Education at the FAU (University Erlangen-Nuremberg). We are very grateful to the chair holder, Benjamin Jörissen and his team led by Tanja Klepacki to host the website from now on. We are looking forward to the cooperation. - With this change we also lose our previous webmaster Rosa Pfluger. Thank you, Rosa! We will miss you.


We thank all the people who have accompanied us and who have contributed to EVC this year! We look forward to continuing to work together in 2023, to many new and exciting experiences that will help us to understand each other better across borders. This is our contribution to the SDGs.


For a hopefully peaceful 2023, we wish you much joy, interesting encounters, enriching experiences, and personal happiness!




on behalf of the EVC team



Dear EVC community,


after two and a half years, I am ending my work as  co-administrator at EVC in order to be able to fully focus on the last year of my studies. So I would like to thank you for all the warm messages, your patience and your wonderful contributions.


It was a great pleasure for me to get in touch with you and even to meet some of you personally. I hope you will continue to share news and exciting topics and explore visual culture on this platform in the future - I certainly will.


For the new year I wish you a lot of creativity, energy and health. Best regards, 

Rosa Pfluger



December 20, 2022: Ghanaian-German Text Book Project / Meeting of the Teams


Not in the picture: Phillip Schramm, University of Bayreuth


The two teams from Ghana and Germany met together with EVC's chair, Avitha Sooful on Dec 20, 2022, to discuss criteria for the selection of 'objects of reference' for the first prototype (chapter about sustainablility),...

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November 1, 2022: Preparation of the "Beyond the Mine" - Project



  An Emerging Network of Young Artists


Through the encounter within the framework of EVC, young artists from Brazil, Cameroon, Germany, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa have come together for the first time in an exhibition project, water bodies...

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New Objects‍ on the Website

Bill Viola, The Raft, 2004


The following interpretations of Bill Viola's art work come from a unique project at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (EMST) in 2017. Face Forward …into my home  was an interactive art project focused on the stories of people who have been forced to leave their homelands...

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Theophilus Kwesi Mensah: Sculptures in the Public Space of Winneba


Theophilus Kwesi Mensah certainly deserves recognition as one of the “great” Ghanaian artists. Known for his work as an artist academic and his monumental contributions to public art especially, in his native land, Winneba. It will be remiss not to glean significance from the narratives that emanate...

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The Studio of Priscilla Kennedy in Kumasi, Ghana, 2021


In November 2021, a German delegation of the Exploring Visual Cultures project (EVC) visited the art department...

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Taring Padi: Land, water, earth, call me mother


This paper examines an art work created by a group of Indonesian artists, a woman’s portrait exhibited in Kassel, Germany during the documenta fifteen exhibition. The work highlights the power of collective resistance with particular emphasis on women....

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New Features‍ on the Website


Face Forward ... into my home



Face and speech are interlinked. The face speaks.

It talks, and it is the essence of the person that makes this possible and kick-starts any conversation.

Emmanuel Lévinas, Ethics and...

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Water Bodies


 {loadmoduleid 126}

For the exhibition  water bodies - narratives of the anthropocene  at Mahalla Berlin, nine artists from Africa, Latin America and Europe came together...

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What is an 'Object'?

 By Stefan Eisenhofer


objects intro

Figure1: Vigango - Installation by Atis Rezistans - Ingolole


Left: Vigango, Funerary Post from the Giriama Community (Link) Center: Atis Rezistans, Installation in the Church St. Kunigundis, Kassel (Link) Right: Ingolole, Circumcision Mask of the Tiriki People (Link)


In museums and exhibitions in the Global North, objects[1] - from Europe and other world regions as well as from different epochs - are usually perceived from the quality of their formal design. This means...

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Exploring Visual Cultures is collaborative project of Augsburg University with universities, artists and museums around the world. It is chaired by Avi Sooful, University of Pretoria, and funded by Engagement Global in the context of implementing the objectives of the Global Learning Framework, and the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs.