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(A)Gender Matters - Conference in Pretoria - 19-22.9.2023 - Call for papersCall for papers

(A)Gender Matters - Conference in Pretoria - 19-22.9.2023 - Call for papersCall for papers

Call for papers




(A)Gender Matters Conference 19- 22 September 2023

Arts Education, Heritage, Conservation and Visual Arts Practices as social touching points




The University of Pretoria School of the Arts in collaboration with the University of Johannesburg will be hosting the the Exploring Visual Cultures Conference at the Future Africa Campus in Hillcrest, Pretoria. Calls are now open for submissions to participate in any of the following four conference sectors:
• education in schools,
• education in tertiary institutions,
• heritage and conservation,
• and visual arts practices


In previous EVC projects and events, these sectors were engaged around pivots such as collective memory, skill research, object histories and communities of practice. All of these highlighted the need to foreground gender as a category of visual analysis, which explains the theme selected as the focus of the forthcoming conference.

The aim with the conference is to strengthen conversations around commonality, diversity and difficult histories related to objects in museums, repatriation, and Africa’s contribution to the cultural world. The conference seeks to gather together scholars, artists, educators and art administrators amongst others to draw upon the cultural and disciplinary diversities and best practices to contribute towards knowledge generation and discourses on arts education, visual arts practices, and heritage conservation and restitution.

Abstracts of 150-200 words are to be submitted to the following address by 5 June 2023:

Notices of accepted abstracts will be sent out on 20 June 2023
Details of conference registration will also be announced on 20 June 2023.



Exploring Visual Cultures (EVC) is an open, transnational network of stakeholders in the field of art, art education, visual cultures studies, and cultural anthropology founded in 2018. EVC promotes voices from the Global South and global dialogue with respect to two core values, global citizenship and sustainable development. EVC’s activities are funded by its member institutions and ministries.