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Exploring Visual Cultures - Newsletter #12

Exploring Visual Cultures - Newsletter #12

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Dear readers, supporters, contributors and friends of EVC



Welcome to 2024! Best wishes to all readers for a new year filled with inspiring ideas, fruitful collaborative projects and a fulfilling time. 


As we bid farewell to the past year, we are thrilled to reflect on the remarkable journey of our community. Here's a brief overview of the key activities and accomplishments that have defined our collective efforts at EVC last year.



Our involvement in international conferences and exhibitions, particularly the intensive four-day (A) Gender Matters Conference held by the University of Pretoria in September, has been a highlight, providing a platform to showcase our research and foster meaningful connections with scholars around the world. These interactions have not only expanded our network, but also enriched our mutual understanding (Link).





A particular highlight was the EVC exhibition on the same topic, virtually on the website (Link) and analog in Pretoria (Link). Nine partners from around the world worked jointly on this collaborative exhibition. Suzette Bell-Roberts’ opening speech can be found here: Link. 




We are proud of the significant contributions within the EVC network, as evidenced by publications in prestigious journals and books. Following the EVC Conference at the University of Augsburg in September 2022, a conference transcript has been published: "Transkulturelle Bildwelten – Multiperspektivische Zugänge im Kunstunterricht". Alternating between teaching examples and theoretical considerations, the contributions to this book explore how to deal with transcultural visual worlds in and out of schools in Germany (link). A publication that wouldn’t exist without EVC. 





Throughout the year, EVC’s interdisciplinary teams have collaborated on innovative projects, delving into the multifaceted aspects of visual expressions. These projects have not only pushed the boundaries of our understanding but have also paved the way for future avenues of research. In response to the evolving global landscape, we have successfully organized many events. These initiatives have allowed us to adapt to new modes of collaboration and continue our mission of exploration in the digital realm.





The Expert Panel meeting in Pretoria (Link) decided on a series of activities that will further strengthen our visibility. These efforts also aim to bridge the gap between academia, youth participation and the public, fostering a broader appreciation for the significance of visual cultures in education. These include: Starting an EVC ZINE, establishing a Young EVC network, intensify the collaborative work on teaching materials, working on the next virtual exhibition about AI, taking part in the ACASA conference, starting collaboration with the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur In Mexico, finalizing the “documenta-book”, and more.



We express our heartfelt gratitude to all members, partners, and supporters who have contributed to making Exploring Visual Cultures a thriving hub of intellectual curiosity and discovery. As we embark on a new year, we look forward to continued exploration, collaboration, and the unveiling of new dimensions within the captivating world of visual cultures.


Are you curious about all the bright spots for 2024? We will stay in touch. 


Kind regards,


Avi Sooful, Tina Keck, Ernst Wagner


Exploring Visual Cultures (EVC) is an open, transnational network of stakeholders in the field of art, art education, visual cultures studies, and cultural anthropology founded in 2018. EVC promotes global dialogue with respect to global citizenship and sustainable development. EVC’s activities are funded by its member institutions.