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Teresa Erol: Untitled, 2020,  mixed media



In the artist’s opinion every memory is distinctly individual. If social and biographical contexts are similar, memories can become collective. In her works, she often explores and uses the special haptic qualities of textile materials. The malleability of fabric becomes a symbol of the malleability of social processes. 



erol 02



Narrowness and expansiveness. Transparency, opening and concealment, enclosure. Masculinity and femininity. These are artistic themes and fields of tension she is curious about.



erol 03





erol portrait


Already in her school days Teresa Erol noticed her great passion for art. In the small town where she grew up, the possibilities for a professional training in the arts were limited. She wanted to know more about art, but above all wanted to become active herself. Therefore, she decided to study art education at Augsburg University. During her studies, she specialized in textile art and especially in large-scale works in space. Working with textiles has an emotional value for her that makes her remember her childhood. The themes of feminism and femininity are appealing to her and always flow back into her work. 


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