Chair of EVC's Expert Panel (steering committee), Dr Avi Sooful, University of Pretoria; Vice Chancellor of TUK, Prof Francis W. Odhiambo Aduol; Deputy Vice Chancellor of TUK, Prof Paul Mwanza Shiundu




Dr Mary Clare Kidenda, TUK; Dr Patrique deGraft-Yankson and Dr Osuanyi Essel, UEW Ghana; Mara Teichmann & Regina Krushtanova & Hans Binder Knott, HSA Team Augsburg; Prof Suki, TUK; Prof Peter Maina Matu, TUK; Prof Francis W. Odhiambo Aduol; Prof Paul Mwanza Shiundu



Prof Odoch Pido, TUK; Dr Avi Sooful, University of Pretoria; Nicola Pauli, Augsburg University; Bernadette van Haute, UNISA Pretoria; Prof Lize Kriel, University of Pretoria; Dr Ebenezer Acquah, UEW Ghana; Prof Doris Binger, HSA Augsburg

The meeting was planned primarily to enable an intensive exchange about the content and methods of the respective local projects for the documenta Summer School. (For detailed documentation, see minutes.) In addition, intensive work was done on the concept of the Summer School itself. Finally, a meeting was held to discuss current EVC topics. The minutes can be found below.


nairobi praesentation


EVC Panel Meetings – Summary of results

1. Expert Panel (EVC’s steering group)
  • Bea has left the panel. Lize is invited to be a member of the panel. Bernadette and Ernst retire at the end of 2022. A successor for UNISA would be welcome. Unclear situation in China. The fact that persons retire from their institutions does not mean that their expertise should be lost. Such persons (Bernadette and Ernst) will remain as panel members without institutional portfolios.
  • Current members: Ghana: strong team of 3 members from UEW; South Africa: 3 persons (one from UNISA, two from UP); Germany: 4 persons (3 from Augsburg University, one from Museum Fünf Kontinente); Kenya and Cameroon: 1 person per country (Recommendation that there is a team of about three per country - Avi will get in touch)

A kind of “rules of procedure” seems to be needed. E.g. Members are representatives of universities and institutions (like museums). Could be extended to individuals (honorary members / co-opted members). Further rules should be decided as soon as the need arises, e.g. on the admission of new members - both to the network and to the EP.


2. Future of EVC: As funding ends in Dec 2022 a funding proposal is required. All partners look at possibilities for funding. Avi is planning a (virtual, hybrid or real) conference in South Africa in 2023. Book Publication/ conference proceedings (peer reviewed)/ publication in Image and Text Journal.


3. Summer School: Lists of attendees to be sent to Nicola. Each country has 5 persons. Accommodation and travel from country to Frankfurt, 1 week. 25 persons from EVC. Proposal for the programme will be sent to EP members by Ernst/Nicola on the base of the discussion in Nairobi.


4. Residency Programme: There is a call from Documenta that was distributed by Ernst. 1 person from each partner country would be great. Successful person are invited to go to Karnitz after documenta for another 2-week. Costs will be covered. Ernst will coordinate the application (deadline April 19).

5. Collective Memory Catalogue: Discussion on catalogue: A4 Size; Cover design: EVC Logo (Branding); Chapter pages between countries – images to diversify; Transversal topics could be: gender, nature, national identity etc. A critical view on the works required extensive time.

Decision: Use the logo as template for the cover; Frontispiece: Map after cover page. Curators of exhibition; Title: Collective Memory. Visual perspectives from SA, Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya & Germany; Alphabetical spread of exhibitions; Separation pages: map, highlighting the respective country, and country name; 200 copies.


  • Acknowledgements - funders
  • Preface: Avi
  • Order: Essays first, then visuals
  • Essays: 600-800 words
  • Patrique: Educational aspect
  • Ernst & Bernadette (double feature): What is collective memory and how is it reflected in the art works?
  • Osuanyi: Decolonisation
  • Lize’s student: Nostalgia

Time plan

  • 30 April (all images to Nicola- 300dpi 20x 20cm (jpeg or tiff)
  • 1 may: Essays to be sent to editors (Mary Clare, Avi, Nicola
  • 20 May: Final layout

Coordinator of the publication: Nicola


6. Any Other Business: Members are requested to send the presentations to Ernst and Nicola. In revised versions they could be related to the Summer School. The presentations should also be used to create content for the EVC website.


2022 04 10 EP1