We use the analysis of examples to develop students' creative thinking and to stimulate students' desire for exploring Dunhuang mural. It allows students to feel the power of traditional painting to find their own growing creative point in the tradition. Of course, the tradition painting is surely broad, including the tradition of literati painting, the tradition of folk art, the tradition of calligraphy, the tradition of palace painting, etc.

I would like to share the works of students in the Chinese character creation course.


dunhuan stud 1 dunhuan stud 2

 The above two works painted by the senior student Jinyan Zhang, combine Yongle Palace murals with modern life scenes.


The following four works are due to the senior student Chao Wang. She juxtaposes the line-shaped ancient Chinese lady and the female image in the ancient European costume in the painting, and carries on the contrast and dialogue between China and the West.


dunhuan stud 3


dunhuan stud 4  dunhuan stud 5


We also sow traditional seeds to primary and secondary school students. In one teaching practice, we appreciated the Deer King Bensheng from Cave 257 of the Northern Wei Dynasty in a Dunhuang mural with primary school students and guided them to expand the Deer King Bensheng story into 12 works created by Chengxi Li, 10 years old as follows:


dunhuan stud 6

According to the legend, there is a mysterious deer king living in the woods by the Ganges River. His body often glowed with nine colours, so everyone called him the "Nine Coloured Deer".


dunhuan stud 7

One day a caravan of merchants got lost in the wind and sand until they were stopped by a large mountain and could no longer continue their journey.


dunhuan stud 8

The Nine-Colored Deer suddenly appeared, only to see it gently stomp its foot, and the rocks of the mountain opened up in response to the sound, giving way to a path of advancement.


dunhuan stud 9

The Nine-Colored Deer returned to the woods and heard a cry for help not far away; it turned out to be someone who had accidentally fallen into the water.


dunhuan stud 10

The crow advised it not to meddle in the matter, or the greed of man would bring death to it. The Nine-Colored Deer did not listen to the advice and jumped into the water and carried the man who had fallen into the water to the shore.


dunhuan stud 11

The man who had fallen into the water knelt down and thanked him, saying that his name was Diao Da and that he would do anything to thank him for saving his life. The Nine-Colored Deer only said that he should not tell anyone else about what he had met today.


dunhuan stud 12

In the middle of the palace, the queen dreamed that she had taken the skin of the nine-colored deer and made it into a beautiful cloak of nine colors. So she asked the king to order a search for the nine-colored deer.


dunhuan stud 13

The king ordered a reward to be posted for anyone who provided information on the whereabouts of the Nine- Colored Deer, with a reward of a thousand gold pieces and the title of Marquis. Soon after, Diao Da came and unveiled the royal list, saying he could lead the way to the capture.


dunhuan stud 14

With the guidance of Diao Da, the Royal Guard quickly surrounded the woods where the Nine-Colored Deer was staying. Seeing this, his good friend Raven immediately woke up the Nine-Coloured Deer, who was resting.


dunhuan stud 15

The Nine-Colored Deer rushed out of the woods, while the archers fired ten thousand arrows at the Nine-Colored Deer. In a flash, the Nine-Colored Deer emitted a golden glow and blocked all the attacks.


dunhuan stud 16

The guards were so struck by the divine power of the Nine- Colored Deer that they no longer dared to come forward. Instead, the Nine-Colored Deer walked calmly up to the king and accused Diao Da of ungratefulness.


dunhuan stud 17

When the king heard this, he was also ashamed of himself and the queen's greed. The informer, Diao Da, at once grew rotten sores on his body and a foul stench on his mouth. In his haste to escape, he fell into the water and drowned.


In the following, I would like to share some drawings by another primary student, 8-years old for the same theme. In these two paintings, the figures were vividly presented.


dunhuan stud 18  dunhuan stud 21


dunhuan stud 20


This picture presents the appearance of nine-color deer in a dreamy form.