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This section of our website forms the heart of the EVC project. Here you find a collection of images of objects from different ‘visual cultures’. Our contributors selected and interpreted them in their respective contexts believing that these objects are particularly important for intercultural understanding across boundaries. Each time a user opens this page, the order in which the objects appear changes. In this way we hope to avoid a hierarchical understanding of the collected objects as their entries continue to be accessed in the long run. The constant changing face of the page also reflects the continuous expansion of the collection. As there are already over more than a hundred entries, users may want to form an overview, or to navigate through the growing collection according to their interests. For this purpose, we offer the following search options:

search v2
: This enables you to search for objects according to time, place, keywords, etc. / Free title search: If you know the title of an object, you can find it in the free search field.  / Lab: In the lab section, objects from the database are grouped under overarching themes. This is an ongoing project and about to be expanded extensively.


Enjoy exploring our database!