After the conference Visual Cultures of Africa, organized by the Technical University of Kenya and the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, had to be postponed twice and due to the uncertain situation, the organizers decided to work on an open access book (publisher Waxmann) that introduces the theme to a broader audience. The book is expected for August 2021.


The Subthemes are:

1.      Visual Culture in ‘Traditional’ Arts and Crafts

2.      Visual Culture and the Archaeological Record

3.      Visual Culture in Music and the Performing Arts

4.      Visual Culture in the ‘Fine’ Arts

5.      Visual Culture in Journalism and Popular Media

6.      Visual Culture in Interactive and Other Digital Media

7.      Entangled Visual Culture(s) – A Dialogue between Africa and Europe



Recurring themes could be but are not limited to the following:

  • Design for Diversity: Culture, Gender, Sexual Orientation and Disability
  • Visual Cultures at the Center of Community Development
  • Enhancing Universal Design - in Kenya
  • Design Thinking as a Business Model for Innovation: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Popular Visual Media
  • Social Media
  • Discourses in Visual Representations of the Human Body 
  • Mediating the Visual in Modern African Translations of Classical Music
  • Visualities in New Popular Music
  • Music as a Sonic (sound) Expression of the Visual Reality
  • Convergence of Theory in Understanding Visual and Musical Cultures 
  • Kenyan Advertising and Visual Culture
  • The Visual Culture of Traditional Art and Craft
  • The Visual Culture of Fine Arts in Africa
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality as New Aspects of Kenyan Culture
  • Visuality and the Kenyan Archaeological Record
  • Contextual Influences of Visual Digital Heritage on Technology and Culture
  • Next Generation of Visual Interactive Storytelling
  • Changing Landscapes of Visuality in Interactive Media Design Education
  • Visualities in Music and Performing Arts

Status: The contibutions delivered are in the reviewing process.