The first meeting of the Expert Panel in 2021 took place in late January. Stefan Eisenhofer was welcomed as new member. The concept of a joint exhibition about collective memory is taking shape, and first ideas about a possible cooperation with documenta fifteen were discussed.



Present: Dr. Ebenezer Acquah, University of Education Winneba, Ghana; Dr. Paul-Henri Souvenir Assako Assako, University of Yaoundé, Cameroon; Dr. Mary Claire Akinyi Kidenda, Technical University Nairobi, Kenya; Dr. Stefan Eisenhofer, Museum Fünf Kontinente Munich, Germany; Dr. Bea Lundt, University of Winneba, Ghana; Dr. Avi Sooful, University of Pretoria, South Africa; Dr. Bernadette Maria Romain Van Haute, University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa; Dr. Ernst Wagner, Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste Munich, Germany



New member

Dr. Stefan Eisenhofer, curator at the Museum Fünf Kontinente Munich, he was welcomed as the new member of the Panel.  He briefly introduced himself and his work.


Exhibition Collective M. 

Dr. Avi Sooful reported on the status of the exhibition project. The virtual exhibition will open in September. Each partner (Cameroon, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Germany) is contributing 10 pieces of art. Dr. Mary Claire Akinyi Kidenda reported on the group of students at her university who will be participating in the exhibit. The group will be led by a staff member. 

The possibility of a joint presence exhibition is also briefly discussed, as there is interest in this from Berlin. However, this is not to be approached until 2022. In order to make the transport of the works possible, one would presumably have to concentrate here on works on paper.


Book “Visual Cultures of Africa”

Dr. Mary Claire Akinyi Kidenda gave a brief update: 47 abstracts have been received, in the meantime 17 chapters are written and ready for review. The deadline will be extended to February 12 for a last time. Negotiations with the authors should be done individually.



The newsletter will help to promote the project and keep all involved parties up to date. Dr. Ebenezer Acquah suggests to add date and number to the respective editions.


documenta fifteen

Susanne Hesse Badibanga, head of education at documenta joins the meeting. She reports on the status of the discussion in Germany. Those responsible are very interested in accompanying the world exhibition of contemporary art, which is diverse, also with a diverse world education program. This can only happen in dialogue with the international partners. EVC is to be invited to this.

Dr. Avi Sooful asks for a concept-paper, Susanne Hesse Badibanga will send such a paper the coming days. First ideas were discussed like art workshops for educators or exhibitions.


Seminar: "Well known objects of visual culture in Africa used in education"

Dr. Bea Lundt reports about her plan to hold a seminar about this topic in Winneba, Ghana together with Selasi Awusi Sosu on the background of the restitution debate.


Next meeting: The next meeting will take place on March 1st.