How can we teach Global Perspectives in Art Education?

The association for art education BDK e.V. in Bavaria is organising for the 16th time the competition "Kunststück. Teaching Art" for projects in art lessons in Bavaria. This year’s theme is:

Art education in the Global Perspective


The world is changing and with it art and art education. Global perspectives are becoming increasingly important in a world that is becoming "smaller". But how can this be thematized in art lessons? By incorporating new topics and objects or by questioning the traditional canon in a new and different way? Through collaborations? Through a next expansion of the concept of art? What role do postcolonial debates play?

The field is wide and still little explored. We, therefore, invite art educators to develop practical ideas for art lessons on how art education can be designed in a global perspective. Whether participants deal thematically with material in artistic processes in transcultural contexts, examine historical art in the focus of e.g. exoticism, explore contemporary strategies of art in a globalised world, jointly develop ideas on transcultural understanding - we look forward to exciting ideas!


The conference "Kunst.Pädagogik.Global" (Art.Pedagogy.Global) with lectures, guided tours of exhibitions and workshops (23 September 2021, Akademie der Bildenden Künste München) will deliver inspiring background information. An online lecture (in German only) is already available on the website of the BDK e.V. Bayern (Exploring Visual Cultures. Kunstpädagogik im Zeitalter der Globalität. More material can be found on the website "Exploring Visual Cultures ( and the articles on current museum concepts in the context of globality in BDK INFO 30 (Sept. 2021).


Prizes will be awarded to a concept, that explains the implementation of a respective project. If your proposal is awarded a prize, you will receive financial support in the form of vouchers for the purchase of materials before the project begins.


Participants: The competition is aimed at art teachers of all types of schools in Bavaria as well as non-school art and museum educators who are looking for funding support for a school project.

Time schedule: Registration and submission of the concept by 15 January 2022. The project is to start in the current school year 2021/22. The value vouchers will be allocated from March 2022.

Conduct of the selection procedure: Submit a synopsis with the following details:

  • Participating institution(s) and responsible persons (contact addresses with mail).
  • Aim of the project
  • Project description with planned activities
  • Time schedule
  • Planned use of funds
  • Confirmation of the applicant
  • Submission of a project documentation in a Word file (max. 2-4 pages), and pictures and/or film after the end of the project or by the end of the school year 2021/22.

Jury: The submitted project concepts will be juried by experts consisting of members of the BDK board and representatives of art education chairs. The project funding amounts to between 200 and 500 euros.

Publication: Selected results will be published in the association's professional journal BDK INFO.

Registration by 15 February 2022 via email wettbewerb@bdkbayern.