At the University of Education in Winneba - Ghana, students competed to develop a logo for the EVC project. The contributions (above) were designed by students of the Department of Graphic Design. 


Finally, Deborah Akuomey-Doussey's design was selected, the first one in the gallery above. Her logo is used by the project from now on. Deborah desribes her draft: "The logo has been particularly designed to look like a globe on an axle. The logo is based on the theme: Exploring Visual Cultures. The circular shape of the logo is to show wholeness, that culture is universal. The movement of the circles suggest energy and their different sizes and completeness suggests unity in diversity, and harmony. The varied diagonal lines and shapes that are used to design the logo are significant visual elements that are needed to create direction and movement in the design as culture is not static. Green was chosen as its colour because it gives a sense of growth and harmony."