The UEW (University of Education, Winneba) in the South of Ghana focusses on theoretical and practical training in arts, art education and history education. At a first meeting on the northern campus of the university, representatives from different departments welcomed the German delegation (Ernst Wagner, Bea Lundt, Niklas Wolf, Julia Maier). The workshop included a symposium, field trips (e.g. Elmina Castle) and internal discussions. It was organized by the Head of the Department of Art Education, Patrique deGraft-Yankson. Two further meetings took place lead by the Head of the International Office, Yaw Sekyi-Baidoo. In order to develop a common ground for the cooperation to come, interdisciplinary aspects of the scientific exchange were focused. During the workshop, initial guidelines for dealing with relevant issues were established and various object and image practices were examined for their categorical suitability for the research project.


  • Ebenezer Kwabena Acquah: Adinkra Symbol
  • Ernst Wagner: Introduction into the project and presentation of some examples
  • Julia Maier: Learning and teaching art at the Munich Academy
  • Bea Lundt: The mermaid: An iconic figure between nature, femininity, and death
  • Niklas Wolf: The relocation of cultural heritage.

Results: The partner agreed on the content of a MoU that regulates the further cooperation.