The International Symposium on ‘Exploring Visual Cultures’ took place in Stellenbosch, close to Cape Town, South Africa, from 1st to 6th September, 2019. All partners in the project sent 27 delegates from seven countries including South Africa, Germany, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Cameroon, and Oman. They were gathering to discuss interrelationships between art, culture and society, and illustrate how interpretive diversities can be used in education. The purpose of the symposium was to discuss the use of imageries (objects, images, artefacts, photos and other images) to explore specific visual cultures from different scientific and artistic perspectives. During the symposium the participants developed in over 50 sessions:

  • The leading criteria for selecting objects / images
  • methods of image interpretations
  • capacities of research and material development for education
  • models for sharing intercultural experiences through writing content for the website, books and articles
  • the idea of a joint exhibition.

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