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19 September (education in schools)

08h45 – 08h50 Welcome (EVC Chair- Dr Sooful)
Director of Ceremonies (Prof. Kriel)
09h00-09h15 Welcome by Prof Africa (Deputy Dean: Teaching & Learning - University of Pretoria)
09h30-09h50 Keynote on Education (Dr Wagner- Munich University LMU)

Chair: Prof Lize Kriel (South Africa)
10h00-10h20 Alison Kearney (Im)Materiality
10h30-10h50 Christian Rommelt (Queering Art Edu)

Chair: Prof Patrique de- Graaf-Yankson (Ghana)
11h20-11h40 Gertrude Nkrumah (languages in ed)
11h50-12h10 Nicola Pauli (School Museums edu themes)
12h20-12h40 Francois Fouda (Schools, art museums)
12h50-13h10 Nikita Pereira (The prescription of Black women artists)
13h15-14h10 Lunch

Chair: Prof Suki Kaloo (Kenya)
14h15-14h35 Mina Ton (Mediating Euro-centred focus)
14h45-15h05 Sonel Kleynhans (Hashtag platforms in school ed)
15h15-15h35 Sipho Mdanda (David Koloane)
15h45-16h05 Ester Kute (Reflection- EVC exhibition)
Reflection: Prof Alison Kearney (South Africa)
16h15-16h45 Open questions and discussions

20 September (Education in Higher Education)

Director of Ceremonies: Prof Runette Kruger (South Africa)
Chair: Ernst Wagner (Germany)
09h00-09h20 Fouad Asfour (writing up the visual)
09h30-09h50 Isadora Canela (Refugees, migrants
10h00-10h20 Jayne Awuor (Women prison art project)
10h30-10h50 Naomi Haruna (Displaced persons)

Chair: Prof Bernadette van Haute (South Africa)
11h20-11h40 Lydia Muthuma (Publishing, knowledge production)
11h50-12h10 Wagach Ongachi (Historical approach to art ed)
12h20-12h40 Mary Clare Kidenda (Curriculum, RPL)
12h50-13h10 Jenni Lauwrens (Sensory and visual, gender)
Reflection: Prof Alison Kearney (South Africa)
13h15-13h30 Open questions and discussions
13h35-14h15 Lunch

Another Africa Roadmap @ Javett-UP Art Centre
Chair: Ms Puleng Plessis & Gabi Ngobo – Javett-UP Art Centre (South Africa)
14h45-15h45 Javette- UP Art Centre (exhibition- Another African Roadmap)
15h50-16h45 Presentations & Discussions

Student Exhibition (A) Gender Matters
Speaker: Ms.Suzette Bell Roberts (South Africa)
17h00-16h30 Opening of Student Exhibition (Student gallery)

21 September (Visual Arts)

Director of Ceremonies: Dr Mary Clare Kidenda (Kenya)
Chair: Dr Paul- Henri Assako Assako (Cameroon)
09h00- 09h20 Keynote on Visual Arts (Brendon Bell – Roberts, Art Africa)
09h30 – 09h50 Zainab Bello (Textile storytelling)
10h00-10h20 Esther Esmyol (Ceramic clusters)
10h30-10h50 Ronnie Watt& Anne Marais (ceramic social commentary)
11h00-11h15 Tea

Chair: Prof Osuanyi Essel Kweku (Ghana)
11h20-11h40 Thais Machado & Isadora Water bodies project
11h50-12h10 Flora Mutere (belonging & urban spaces)
12h20-12h40 Lis Haddad (gardening as artistic practice)
12h50-13h10 Hannelie Coetzee (building a climate culture with art-science intervention)
13h15-14h10 Lunch

Chair: Ms Nicola Pauli (Germany)
14h15-14h35 Kirsten Ruether (Goat,funeral, community)
14h45-15h05 Eva Chikabadwa (illiteracy,mark making)
15h15-15h35 Frederick Mbongo (Masculinities, stage screen)
15h45-16h05 Winnie Oyuko (Women billboards)

Reflection: Prof Alison Kearney (South Africa)
16h15- 16h30 Open questions and discussions

Book Launch @ Future Africa
17h00 Prof Jenni Lauwrens

22 September (Conservation & Heritage)

Director of Ceremonies: Prof Suki Kaloo (Kenya)
Chair: Dr Christian Rommel (Germany)

09h00 - 09h20 Keynote on Conservation and Restitution (Davison Chiwara)
09h30 – 09h50 Jacqueline Okeyo (Heritage)
10h00 - 10h20 Benjamin Zungu (Heritage healing)
10h30 - 10h50 George Ondeng (Lost objects-Kenya)

Chair: Dr Ebenezer Acquah (Ghana)
11h20-11h40 Isabell McGinn (Restoration)
11h50-12h10 Mabofokeng
12h20-12h40 Elvis Nkome (Conservation, Cameroon)
12h50-13h10 Salome Le Roux
13h15-14h00 Lunch
14h10-14h30 Kokou Azamede

Reflection: Prof Alison Kearney (South Africa)
14h10-14h30 Open questions and discussions

Closure: Dr Avi Sooful - EVC Chair