2022 12 01 Textbook1

Photo: First meeting at the conference in Augsburg in October 2022.



Participants at the conference in Augsburg in October 2022 (link) decided to work together to develop a Ghanaian-German art school book.

  • The Ghanaian team comes from the University of Education in Winneba, the Centre for Research in Culture and Creative Arts (CeRCCA): Ebenezer Kwabena Acquah, Patrique deGraft‐Yankson, and Osuanyi Quaicoo Essel.
  • The German group consists of researchers from the universities of Augsburg (Christiane Schmidt-Maiwald), Bayreuth (Phillip Schramm), Erlangen-Nuremberg (Ernst Wagner), Ludwigsburg (Monika Miller), Munich (Christian Römmelt), and Passau (Barbara Lutz-Sterzenbach).
  • The process is supervised by the University of Pretoria (Avitha Sooful).

Both teams will now work on a first draft of a chapter. This chapter is dedicated to the core value of sustainability. (Chapters on more topics will follow.)

In the beginning, the two teams work in parallel, i.e. independently of each other, in order to keep mutual influence to a minimum. The drafts will then be exchanged in February 2023 and finally discussed at a joint workshop in March. At this workshop, ways will be sought to make the two approaches fruitful for each other, so that they can be meaningfully published in a joint textbook.