Call for abstracts for the Annual Research Conference at Durban University of Technology - Faculty of Arts and Design


Our world is currently facing unprecedented challenges, characterised by evolving trends and complexities in culture, science, technology, environment, economics and politics. We seek abstracts that explore innovative ideas, perspectives and practices that can shape a more inclusive, sustainable and equitable future. Our aim is to bring together multidisciplinary critique and reflection from scholars (including postgraduate students) in the Humanities (arts, design, education, etc.) and to collectively contemplate and envision sustainable solutions towards a future that is driven by creativity, innovation and technology. We invite in-person OR virtual paper or poster presentations, panel discussions and presentations on creative outputs that delve into inter/cross/multidisciplinary perspectives on envisioning a brighter future, transcending present difficulties. We encourage submissions that propose alternative visions and solutions and challenge conventional thinking.


Abstract submissions may align with any of these sub-themes:

  • Sustainable Development of Societies
  • Cultural Transformations and Evolving Identities
  • Technological Advancement for Sustained Humanity
  • Environmental Responsibility and Sustainable Eco-systems
  • Sustainable Innovations in Curricula
  • Innovative and Sustainable Approaches to Arts and Design


Abstract submission deadline : 31 July 2023


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