Minutes of the Meeting

1. Reports and discussion of joint projects

EVC-Conference in Pretoria, Sept 19 – 23

Avi reports on the status of the planning. The fundraising process is not yet completed, the final decision is expected in mid-July. EVC will send the call for abstracts. The conference ends on 22 September, an Expert Panel meeting will take place on 23 September.

EVC book

Lize reports on the book’s status. 43 texts for chapters were submitted and international experts were recruited for the review process. The procedure is to be completed in mid-August. If there are too many submissions, there is also the possibility of publishing suitable chapters in a special issue of the journal "Image and Text".

Exhibition “Gender Matters” (national coordinators: Ebenezer, Constant, Jayne, Teboho, Anja)

All partners have found promising artists to work on their artworks. The works as well as comments and biographies should be sent to Ernst by 31 July.

Transnational and transdisciplinary textbook project

Patrique and Osuanyi report that first texts for a chapter on "sustainability" have been written. However, these are still very inconsistent. Therefore, a workshop in Bayreuth in June will be used to work out precise rules for the chapters, to define the content profile and to establish transdisciplinary cooperation with history and geography.


2. Many projects by EVC members are not directly EVC projects however, EVC members are involved in events and projects in their respective countries that may interest a wider audience. Summarized reports from EVC members may be placed on the website.


3. The connection between local EVC projects requires dedicated time and this matter may be moved to the next meeting in September.


4. EVC finds difficulty in applying for funding as it remains an unregistered network. The possibility of registration as an Association or a Public Entity should be considered as this will allow for funding opportunities. This idea needs greater discussion.


5. Date of the next meeting: September 23, face to face meeting in Pretoria


Present: Avi Sooful (Chair), Ebenezer Acquah, Juste Constant Onana Amougui, Patrique deGraft-Yankson, Osuanyi Essel, Mary Claire Akinyi Kidenda, Constanze Kirchner, Lize Kriel, Runette Kruger, Jane Otieno, Nicola Pauli, Bernadette Van Haute, Ernst Wagner

Apologies: Paul-Henri Souvenir Assako Assako, Ruth Belinga, Stefan Eisenhofer, Suki Mwendwa

Guests: Lea Frauenknecht, Anja Schönau