Present: Juste Constant Onana Amougui, Patrique deGraft-Yankson, Osuanyi Essel, Mary Claire Akinyi Kidenda, Constanze Kirchner, Lize Kriel, Runette Kruger, Jayne Otieno, Christian Römmelt, Avi Sooful, Bernadette Van Haute, Ernst Wagner

Apologies: Ebenezer Acquah, Paul-Henri Souvenir Assako Assako, Ruth Belinga, Stefan Eisenhofer, Suki Mwendwa, Nicola Pauli


Welcome. Minutes of the last meeting

Avi welcomed all participants, proposing the agenda. The minutes of the last meeting were confirmed.


Follow-up after the (A)Gender Matters Conference


Paul’s draft for an application has been attached. The Panel was very excited about this opportunity, also to make EVC more visible. The following individuals showed up:

  • Avi (Pretoria – also suggesting the topic: “Decoloniality and decolonial approaches to the arts of Africa” – see the call.)
  • Jayne / Mary Claire (Nairobi)
  • Osuanyi (Winneba)
  • Ernst / Christian (we would be interested - after our visit [with students] of the Architecture Biennale in Venice that focused on Africa and African diasporas – to reflect the biennale)

Paul is asked to take over the further coordination.


AI – next students’ exhibition

Mary Claire has got in Touch with Patrique and Christian to prepare not only the virtual exhibition but also a virtual conference, organized by her in cooperation with the ICT department at TUK Nairobi. She is interested in connecting the topic to the issues of ethics, health and education. The conference / opening of the exhibition is planned for October/November 2024. Perhaps there are options for funding at UNESCO.



Christian reported that there was a first meeting of Mary-Claire, Ebenezer, Nicola and him to prepare the first issue about “Dennis the goat” based on digital animations. Kirsten Rütter attended this meeting as well. First ideas for design and layout had been developed. The profile of the Zine is: From students for students – an aspect that Patrique stressed as e.g. InSEA is looking for similar formats.


Young EVC

Christian and Michaela met Matete (Pretoria) and members of the Visual Culture Club at UP for a brief introduction of the idea. There will be a next meeting in January, including Juste Constante, to learn more about the interests of the Visual Culture Club at UP,


Reaching out for Mexico, IoC, and ARAC

Ernst reported that through the introduction by Tina Keck there had been a first online meeting with Prof Zentella and Prof Salgado (Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur, Mexico). The university is very interested in further cooperation. It was agreed that Prof Zentella and Prof Salgado will write about the murals at their university for EVC’s database as a first step.

Allan from the Initiative of Change (Richmond, Virginia, USA, had taken part in the EVC conference in Pretoria and had shown interest. Ernst will get in touch with him asap. Avi is going to connect with ARAC (Another Roadmap Africa Cluster).


Database of supervisors (for master, PhD, external exams)

Members who are willing to serve as supervisors are asked to send their CV to Mary Clare until 1.12.


Any other business

  • Runette is working on the analysis and reflection on the Gender Matters Exhibition.
  • Mary Claire will ask Suki, whether Lydia could act in her place during her two years leave.
  • Lize will restart the process of editing the Summer School book in January latest.
  • Patrique reminded of the importance of having EVC as an officially registered entity. Members are asked to look for possibilities.


Date of the next meeting

Ernst will propose dates in January.