Can we develop a joint, but multiperspective handbook for art teachers in Ghana and Germany?



There are three ongoing projects as a base for this project:

  • A competition for good art lesson concepts, promoted by ATAG/Ghana and BDK/Germany in both countries (Link);
  • Joint exhibitions of Ghanaian and German art students (Link);
  • Collaboration within EVC with a focus on developing a manual for German art teachers: Global Perspectives in Art Education - Objects from West Africa. (Link).

Based on the processes, experiences and results of these and more already finished projects (lecture series, publications, study visits, contributions to EVC’s database) there is an increasingly deeper mutual understanding of what art education, art and visual cultures could mean in Germany and Ghana.


A joint workshop in Bayreuth in late April 2022 helped to clarify the options. The handbook shall deal with methods of understanding unfamiliar cultures and learning from different perspectives. It delivers more than one interpretation. In a next step, such a handbook could be developed not only for German teachers but also for Ghanaian teachers.


This project led to a coopertaion between UEW Ghana, EVC Germany and UP South Africa (Link).