Anja C. M. Schönau, Augsburg University, Germany


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Sustainable Consumption - Artistic Investigations of Individual and Collective, Local and Global Dynamics, Perspectives and Challenges


Objects and the way we deal with them shape individual and collective cultural practices, identities and memories. Objects are coveted, consumed, valorised, symbolised, emotionalised as well as transformed, deconstructed, revalued, devalued and rejected. As fragments of individual, social and cultural realities, they are sometimes transferred into other temporal, spatial, material and cultural contexts and intensify interdependencies, reevaluations and ambivalences, which are investigated and analysed aesthetically-researching in analogue and digital artistic processes and artefacts and become resonant objects of discourse and dialogue.


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The artistic project is led by Anja C. M. Schönau, university lecturer and artist.