The EVC zine is going to be an experimental and creativity-driven publication and also a platform by / for academics, artists and students. Its target is to approach different topics that are of relevance to EVC and especially Young EVC such as gender, intimacy, and storytelling. It aims at dealing with these topics in a playful and unorthodox manner. The first issues of the EVC-ZINE will be available for the public as online papers in 2024.


Editors: Ebenezer Acquah, Mary Clare Kidenda, Nicola Pauli, Christian Römmelt


The topic of the first issue to be published in early 2024 is: Denis The Goat. This publication emerges from a cooperative animation project of the Technical University Kenya (TUK) and the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU). In close dialog the students of Design and Art Education developed animations dealing with the story of ‘Denis the goat’. This first issue is going to focus on the learning process and competences of the students designing the respective animations.