Alex Kinyanjui Affection

Alex Kinyanjui: Affection (2021), Oil on Canvas, 55 by 70 cm



I personally believe that the human body is the purest form of art. I love portraits as well because they’re full of emotion even with a blank face you can read so much, especially in their eyes. I also enjoy working on artworks that entail nature. African art is beautiful!


Alex Kinyanjui


I have lovingly worked into this piece, adding color, light and shadow using my brushes. This artwork is special to me because it was whilst painting this piece that I understand my reason to be here. The realization came that I’m here to give color to the world. I wanted to create a big bright colorful painting full of happiness and vibrant energy.

This painting comprises of a mother and her child. A mother’s re-assuring love to her child.