frotschnig 01

Alexandra Frotschnig: Alternation, 2020, six analog black and white photographs



This analog black and white photo series examines processes of evanescence and change. The photographic technique of multiple exposure represents this processuality in a symbolical way. Run-down, older buildings serve as motifs. Purely by the outward appearance, hypotheses can be made, conclusions can be drawn, and yet the houses remain steadily on their sites. The subtle, perhaps invisible, changes are illustrated in this series. The depicted reality thus becomes unreal.


frotschnig 02



frotschnig 03




Alexandra Frotschnig, M.Ed., was born in 1984 in Austria. Through relevant training and experience in the textile field, the artist tries to face new techniques and challenges in her current works. In her artworks she focusses on themes of change and transformation, which can be perceived symbolically as a kind of allegory. Currently she is working as an art teacher at a private secondary school.