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This project originated when I developed a proposal centered on recycling and reusing locally available materials. The proposal had two main components: Firstly, to create a platform for women in challenging circumstances, offering them opportunities to improve their lives and their children's lives through crafting and repurposing. Secondly, the goal was to identify readily accessible materials that could be transformed into something new while providing these women a path for personal growth within their community.


This endeavor embodies a compelling narrative of transformation and profound beauty, showcasing newfound possibilities for women overcoming adversity. Starting from modest beginnings, it serves as an inspiration of hope, resilience, empowerment, and the ability to rise above difficult circumstances. Its core essence lies in offering women facing challenges a chance to triumph and embrace a brighter future.



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In Kenya, the Qiondo is a cherished tradition that weaves together history, craftsmanship, and inspiring stories of women. Handwoven by skilled Kenyan artisans using natural sisal fibers, the Kiondo is more than just a bag – it symbolizes women's ingenuity, strength, and practicality. Passed down through generations, it is a treasured companion carried by women across markets and daily life. The Kiondo, intricately crafted from sisal plant fibers, embodies the indigenous heritage of the Taita, Kikuyu, and Kamba tribes in Kenya. Also known as "chondo" in Swahili, these multicolored baskets blend practicality and aesthetic allure, serving as versatile household accessories, storage solutions, or trusted shopping companions.


The tradition of basket weaving in Kenya dates back to the 1930s, originally used for utilitarian purposes. Over time, Kiondos evolved into fashionable bags, reflecting the progression of this beautiful tradition. Amidst challenges from mass-produced bags claiming the Kiondo name, a creative vision emerged to reclaim the true spirit of the tradition. The "Qiondo," a contemporary shopping bag, was born with love and respect for the past, honoring the traditional Kiondo while embracing modernity. It represents a celebration of Kenya's cultural heritage and the enduring legacy of the Kiondo.


My inspiration comes from the Kiondo basket, a widely used handbag and carrier for various goods in Kenya and Africa. The women behind the Kiondo are at the heart of this transformative project. With their unwavering dedication and craftsmanship passed down through generations, they symbolize the essence of gender matters profoundly. Skillfully weaving sisal fibers, they intertwine their stories, hopes, and dreams into every thread of the Kiondo. Each Kiondo is a masterpiece of creativity and collaboration, representing the collective strength of the women who create it. It goes beyond crafting a bag; it fosters a sense of community and uplifts each other's spirits.

During the design process for the collapsible shopping bag, I sketched and evaluated various concepts for both the bag's form and the font used for its name. Practicality was a primary focus, ensuring the bag would offer ample space for carrying items. I iterated on the designs, seeking feedback and conducting prototyping to test different materials and folding mechanisms for ease of use and durability. After careful consideration, I chose duplex paper as the material for the bag. Its sturdiness and eco-friendliness provided a strong foundation. Customizable printing and surface treatments allowed for unique patterns and branding, creating a visually captivating design aesthetic. The final product is a versatile and collapsible shopping bag that seamlessly combines style, convenience, and sustainability.



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As a passionate and dedicated graphic designer, I possess a strong foundation and extensive knowledge in this field. In addition to my expertise in graphic design, I excel as a greeting cards designer and writer, using the power of words to create captivating stories and evoke emotions. Studying for my undergraduate degree in communication design from the Technical University of Kenya has allowed me to expand my knowledge, hone my skills, and explore new avenues of creative expression.