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A young man longs for easier times because societal expectations in the current world are too much for him. He feels that he was born in the wrong era and that he would fair on better in ancient life.His predicaments motivates him to seek supernatural help by switching between the two worlds, he however realizes that societal pressures are standard in every time period that has been in existence and he soon wants to return to his normal life setting.


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Dennis Chege is a passionate and ambitious individual hailing from Kenya. Currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in Interactive Media Design (B.Tech Design) at the esteemed Technical University of Kenya in Nairobi, Dennis has dedicated himself to the world of creativity and innovation. With a strong focus on 2D animation, he excels as a 4th-year design student, constantly honing his skills to bring imagination to life through captivating visuals. His journey in the field began in July 2019, and he looks forward to completing his studies in December 2023. As an aspiring designer and animator, Dennis aims to make a significant impact in the realm of interactive media, enriching experiences and delighting audiences with his artistic talents. You can contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to know more about his work and aspirations.