delali 01 Gbedebu Cynthia Delali: Colours of Tradition


Tradition means giving votes to the most obscure of all classes and our ancestors. It is the democracy of the living and the dead. Therefore, to reignite the fire of our tradition, I decided to do all my paintings to portray the beauty of our tradition. My paintings were both in landscape and portrait and the technique used for my paintings was impasto.



delali 02

 Gbedebu Cynthia Delali: Nature is Tradition



delali 03

 Gbedebu Cynthia Delali: Transitions in Tradition





 delali portrait


I'm Gbedebu Cynthia Delali. Thirty-two years of age, and comes from Logba Tota in the Volta Region but live in Obuasi. I'm a student in the University of Education, Winneba offering my first degree in Art Education. The courses I am offering are Picture Making and Sculpture. I am a trained teacher. I love singing.