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Irene Nyanje, collection 


Inspiration for my collection is African print. How culture is incorporated into fashion is just phenomenal. African print helped me bring out the sense of culture and tradition through fashion. When people see my collection what I want to come into their minds is the sense of belonging. I used a combination of black and bright colors to bring out the elegance and happiness. My collection is for a betrothal celebration for kalenjin people. I used the orange colour to show confidence, optimism, warmth and agreebleness. It also makes people feel outgoing and bold. Black colour symbolized our skin colour. My collection was all about to empower young women to have confidence, boldness and to embrace their culture. They should be aware of their beauty and should not be shy of expressing themselves.


Most women used to shave their hairs to ensure their beauty is seen. They had accompanies of accessories on their heads, necks and waists to enhance their beauty. Both men and women in the society today should be given a chance to express their thoughts, ideas and creativity in whatever they do in order to enhance different talents and promote good relation among people.


23GM Ke TUK IN p


I'm a 23-year-old final year student at the Technical University of Kenya, pursuing a Diploma in Technology Fashion and Design. Currently, I'm completing my final attachment as part of my academic program. Before university, I attended St. Cecilia Girls School-Mautuma for my secondary education, and my early education was at Butere Primary, where I completed eight years of schooling. Passionate about fashion and design, I'm excited to bring my skills and knowledge to the industry after completing my diploma. The journey has been enriching, and I look forward to applying what I've learned in the real world of fashion.