23GM Ke TUK IW a

The genderless bag - Developed from Curiosity, Guided by Creativity.


Upon receiving the EVC storytelling proposal on 17/04/2023, I was immediately drawn to the idea and knew I wanted to be a part of it. It struck me that most guys wouldn't carry a tote bag due to its feminine connotations. This sparked my curiosity, and I wondered if I could create a 2-in-1 bag that would be suitable for both genders without any awkwardness. On 27/04/2023, I began my research and started sketching different bag designs for this concept.


For the next two months, I dedicated myself to perfecting the design of the first genderless bag, investing my sweat, time, and energy into the project. To see how the bag would turn out, I even purchased and reused materials to create samples and prototypes. It was an iterative process, but I was determined to make it work.


Ultimately, after a month of development, I successfully created the first genderless bag. All the samples were made at home, and I sought the assistance of a tailor from Nairobi textiles to complete the final bag.


Embracing every aspect of the process is crucial to me. The genderless bag I've designed serves as an essential accessory suitable for both genders. For me, the creative process is everything - from the initial rough sketches to the final technical drawing, and from the first paper prototype to the last customer-ready product. I firmly believe that valuing and embracing each step of this journey, full of discovery and experimentation, is of utmost importance.



23GM Ke TUK IW p


I am determined to pay homage to the exquisite materials and tools I have used throughout this unique bag's creation. To achieve this, I plan to document the entire process through a combination of pictures and words. In 2014, I discovered my passion for design in high school. Since then, my fascination with the field has only grown stronger. With the support of my parents and my Art and Design teacher, Mr. Lufuta Mbiti, I pursued art and design in high school and later enrolled at Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts. Now, I am actively pursuing my dreams in product and industrial design at The Technical University of Kenya. Each step I take fuels my passion and pushes my boundaries, as I leave my mark on the world through the endless possibilities that design offers.