kukla 01

Judith Kukla: Beetle, wood, metal


Transcultural understanding requires both sides to engage mutually and may show the extend of the one's own ethnocentrism. An open, reflected mind and respect for other cultures are a prerequisite for detaching one's own point of view. It is more than a mere addition of both cultures - there is a growing relationship with each other, a transformation of one's own relationship to the world. This results in questioning oneself. What do I know about myself and "my" culture? How much of myself am I and how much is this culture?




kukla portrait


Judith Kukla (born 1990) is a South German craftswoman and artist. She completed a traditional apprenticeship as a goldsmith and after several years of working as a craftswoman, she decided to expand her path by studying art education, for which she was supported with the SBB scholarship. She combines craft with fine art, as well as space with surface, and tries to fathom the complexity of interdisciplinary entanglements. During her studies, she completed a study visit to the Shandong University School of Fine Arts in Jinan, China, where she gained insight into traditional artistic techniques as well as access to various cultural intersections. Following her bachelor's degree in art education, she is currently supported by the scholarship program "Young Art and New Ways". 


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