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This 2D animation draws inspiration from documentaries I viewed two years ago, shedding light on the alarming trend of skin bleaching among dark-skinned individuals in Jamaica and various African countries. In pursuit of a lighter complexion, they resorted to bleaching creams, unaware of the severe repercussions. The chemicals took a toll, causing unsightly pimples and dark patches, leading them to regret their choices. These individuals were misguided by the notion that light skin equates to beauty, which is far from the truth. Through my animation, I depict two women in an elevator, one with light skin and the other with dark skin, both admiring each other's unique tones. The animation's moral lesson emphasizes the importance of embracing and cherishing one's natural skin tone, as all shades are inherently beautiful. Let us be 'black and proud' of our identity, promoting self-acceptance and appreciation for diverse skin tones.


Emerald Green Blazer Jacket


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Product and industrial design focuses on enhancing lives by providing solutions to existing challenges. One such problem faced by numerous women globally is the lack of pockets in their clothing. To address this, I collaborated with Ms. Esther Kute, commencing with initial sketches and culminating in technical drawings for a women's corporate blazer jacket. The final product, an exquisite Emerald Green blazer, caters to the needs of professional women with two spacious interior pockets, accommodating essentials like tablets, notebooks, lip-gloss, chocolates, tampons, or even a change of clothing. The use of delightful flowery chiffon lining and striking emerald green Kanda fabric adds a unique and elegant aesthetic touch. I extend my gratitude to Ms. Esther Kute for her invaluable guidance throughout this creative journey, leading us to a successful completion.




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Hello, I'm Mary Muchiri, a versatile designer with a journey that began at Nairobi Institute of Technology in 2016. I earned my diploma in Animation and digital media in 2018. Starting my career at 21 in a digital learning solutions company, I animated kids' books for a digital app. Later, I joined a 3D printing company, designing and 3D printing sculptures. Currently, I'm a motion designer at East African Breweries Limited, contracted from Ogilvy Africa, working in their in-house digital team called Digitribe. In 2021, I decided to pursue a degree at Technical University of Kenya as an evening student, specializing in product design, where I gained knowledge in fashion design and explored visual cultures in gender matters. As Albert Einstein once said, "Creativity is intelligence having fun."