Mvoi Kigondu NDEGE

Mvoi Kigondu: NDEGE WA SEKRETARI (2021), Oils on Canvas, 70 by 60 cm


Endemic to Africa, the secretary bird to me is a symbol of African beauty and tenacity. Standing majestically with its long legs, distinct plumage on the back of its head, and long lashes on its eyes, it is a sight to behold. One might easily forget it is a bird of prey. Such is how I view my beloved continent- a beautiful volcano bubbling with immense potential just waiting to erupt. Eventually it will. 


Mvoi Kigondu


I am a multidisciplinary artist on a mission to promote the African narrative. My hope is that one day my small impressions on earth will help make people see the glory, beauty and great potential of my beautiful continent the way I do.