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Given an opportunity, a girl can soar and achieve her goals.

The logo I created for Fizz Pop features a girl being lifted off by a bubble gum in her mouth, capturing the whimsical and enchanting experience that comes with enjoying the product. This design was inspired by a captivating story from my childhood, where I imagined the possibility of floating away by chewing on multiple gums and blowing a gigantic bubble. As I let my imagination take me on a journey, I wondered where I would go and who I would meet if this dream came true. It was a delightful and magical thought that fueled my creativity in designing the logo, aiming to evoke that same sense of wonder and joy in others when they see it.

As a young girl, my imagination knew no bounds as I delved into exploring extraordinary possibilities. One idea that fascinated me endlessly was the notion of blowing numerous gums to create an enormous bubble that could carry me away. This concept ignited my curiosity and opened up a world of wonder in my mind. I would often sit in my backyard, armed with gum and a spirit full of eagerness, experimenting with different bubble sizes. Each bubble I blew became a vehicle to transport me to distant lands and encounters with extraordinary characters. In those moments, I envisioned myself floating weightlessly and freely, experiencing a sense of excitement and joy that only a child's dreams can evoke.


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Drawing inspiration from these childhood musings, I chose a logo featuring a girl, reminiscent of myself, being lifted off the ground by a giant bubble gum she's blowing. The girl's face exudes pure joy and anticipation, mirroring the exhilaration I felt during my imaginative adventures. This logo captures the transformative power of imagination and the boundless joy that can be found in the simplest of moments. It serves as a symbol of hope, reminding people to reconnect with their inner child and embrace the limitless possibilities life has to offer.





I am an artist and designer with a diverse range of skills and talents. My expertise lies in graphics design, photography, social media management, studio management, murals, paintings, drawings, photo and video editing, and fabric design. My portfolio also includes theme paintings, magazine layouts, logos for businesses, and individual portraits. In addition to my visual art pursuits, I am also a performing artist and songwriter. I have received practical training in music, voice, and stage performance from Sauti Academy. My educational background includes a Diploma in Fine Art and Design from Kenyatta University, providing me with a strong foundation in artistic principles and techniques. Passionate, versatile, and dedicated, I am always eager to explore new artistic opportunities and collaborate with individuals and organizations in need of innovative and visually captivating solutions. My creative journey is an ongoing pursuit of artistic growth and expression.