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Otiep Wycliffe Onyango, SUSTAINABLE FASHION


Sustainable fashion aims to create clothing that not only reduces the environmental impact but also considers the well-being of garment workers. Unfortunately, fast fashion, which prioritizes cheap and quickly disposable clothing, has become dominant in today's market. This leads to increased apparel consumption as people discard clothes after only a few uses, perpetuating the cycle.


However, there is a growing movement towards slow fashion, which opposes fast fashion. Slow fashion advocates for conscious production, distribution, and diverse fashion choices. It serves as a guardian of diversity and plays a crucial role in achieving sustainable fashion. By promoting a heightened awareness of the design process and its effects on resources, workers, communities, and ecosystems, slow fashion encourages a more thoughtful and mindful approach to clothing consumption.


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After thoughtful consideration, I've chosen the concept design as our sustainable fashion brand's final design. Its timeless appeal suits all genders, with the sunflower as the central motif. Sunflowers symbolize a positive outlook on life, strength, vitality, and happiness, aligning perfectly with our mission to promote hope and sustainability. This design aims to evoke optimism and raise awareness about sustainable fashion practices. Let's make a positive impact together for a brighter future in fashion.





I'm Otiep Wycliffe Onyango, a design student at the Technical University of Kenya and the founder of Shalom Streetwear, a sustainable fashion brand. Our mission is to make a positive impact on fashion and the environment by upcycling garments. Through reimagining and reusing materials, we create stunning and innovative fashion pieces while minimizing our impact on the planet. Join me on this exciting journey towards a greener fashion world!