schurig 02 The series, which comprises a total of ten motifs, shows traditional handcraft skills that have managed to survive into the present day in a society that is otherwise so highly mechanized and automated. The photographs subtly explore the question of what the special aesthetic of handcrafted products is by tracing the aesthetics of the underlying craft process. Gold toned, the salt prints become archival and thus part of a cultural-historical memory.


schurig 01

Regine Schurig: Arts and craft, 2020, gold toned salt print on cotton paper






schurig portrait


Regine Schurig has been studying art education (BA) at Augsburg University since 2017. She has focused on print graphics, ceramics and alternative photographic processes. Since 2019, she has been working in organic agriculture, which influences her artistic works by topics such as traditional cultural techniques and ecological contexts.