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My first fabric design is about partnership or oneness. Racism and political bigotry is setting the world ablaze for innocent soul. Good people are trying their best to curb the situation but their effort has not been enough. My fabric design is therefore serving as a reminder that it is through unity that we can revive the world.


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Quality Education


The second fabric which speaks about quality education focuses on children - the social, emotional, mental, physical and cognitive development of each person regardless of gender which help to enable people to develop all of their attributes and skills to achieve their potential as productive human beings. My fabric design signifies the knowledge and skills to be impact into the world for the purpose of quality education.  


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Ensuring Environment Sustainability


Ensuring environmental sustainability is the concept of my third fabric design. It is the responsibility of all to conserve natural resources and protect global ecosystem to support health and wellbeing living organisms. Polluted land, air and water will severely affect our quality of life and the ability of the world. My fabric design is portraying environmental sustainability, fundamental to the survival of our water bodies.





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I am Asamoah Samuel, a 200 student of University of Education, Winneba (UEW), reading B.A Art Education in the Department of Art Education. Ceramics is my 3D and Textiles as my 2D.  I am Ghanaian from Akosombo located in the Eastern Region of Ghana.