"Sunset Hues: Embracing Diversity and Confidence" is a captivating collection that stands as a powerful campaign for body positivity and self-love. In a world where women have been unjustly criticized for their appearance, this collection emerges as a beacon of change. Drawing inspiration from the serene beauty of sunsets, it symbolizes the end of an era where societal standards dictated how women should feel about their bodies. With a deep understanding of the rich tapestry of African culture, the collection liberates African women, granting them the freedom to express themselves through modern African clothing. The choice of black and vibrant orange as the main colors is intentional, with orange representing the boldness and vibrancy that women should feel when they adorn themselves and black signifying the inherent power they hold. "Sunset Hues" is not just a collection; it's a movement, an affirmation that every woman, regardless of her skin color, body type, or weight, deserves to embrace herself with confidence and pride.


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Our society today we have witnessed people criticizing women on basis of their weight,skin color even height . This has resulted in women having low self-esteem on how they dress  I therefore created my collection with the thought of making the collection a campaign to promote body positivity and promote the notion of self-love regardless of what skin colour a woman might have, what their body type is or even how much they might weight. my collection's inspiration is the sunset . Sunsets are the known to symbolize the end of a day in my collection the use the sunset as my inspiration is to symbolize the end of  an era where women  were ashamed of their bodies and lacked the confidence to wear what they wanted due to the publics perception. I created the collection with the intention of giving African women freedom in their clothing and that’s why I created a modern African clothing collection.





I am Sharon Wanjiru Gicheru, a 20 year woman who is an aspiring fashion designer. I currently at my third and final year of diploma my studies at The Technical University Of Kenya. I landed my spot at the university in 2020 after clearing my secondary studies the previous year from Mumbi Girls High School where i had studied for four years until i sat my KCSE in 2019.For my primary education i had gone to a local school in my area Chalaw Academy for the required eight years.