M5K-Display «Rituals and Ceremonies» meets «Offerings for Yemaya»

M5K Yemaya1

Intervention by Johanna Lay


The basic idea for designing the display case was the process of making a wish and reflecting on what one would give to make one's wish come true. At the same time, the ritual was to be made accessible to outsiders. For this purpose, globally known elements such as water, sand and shells are used, which are related to Yemanja.


Visitors are encouraged to write their heart's desire and what they would consider an appropriate gift for the wish to come true with a waterproof marker on one of the shells. The shell is then placed in the aquarium. It sinks to the bottom, which can be a nice symbolic conclusion to the visitor's reflection process being that the sinking signifies Yemanja's acceptance of the wish and the gift.


It also offers the possibility of reading the wishes of others, which in turn anonymously connects people in their humanity. Design-wise, the colors blue and white are especially prominent, as these are the traditional colors associated with Yemanja. Furthermore, the shells and the sand, as well as the water and its sounds, provide another aesthetic experience.


M5K Yemaya museum

 M5K-Display «Rituals and Ceremonies» between photos of Offerings for Yemanjá

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