Curated by Janina Baldhuber



Inside my Studio - Priscilla Kennedy (Ghana)

My name is Priscilla Kennedy. I’m a visual(textile) artist based in Ghana, living and working in Kumasi.


Who am I in my studio?

In my studio, at any given point in the day I’m super organized unless there is too much to cross out on my to-do list. But I’m usually focused, buried in writings and putting ideas together for my creative projects, yet engulfed in my favorite playlist by Jhene Aiko.


Describing my studio

It’s a very small intimate space that forms part of my daily life. It houses tons of materials ranging from, books, fabrics, drawings, family albums, fabric cut-outs, and many others, with a huge pictorial thinking space I call the ‘’idea board’’ that has a lot of images that inspires me.


What would I call a good day in the studio?

A good day in my studio is not necessarily one where I make something special or beautiful, but it’s rather the most frustrating days where my ideas and thoughts are blurry and all over the place but then I come back the next day with the hope of finding myself again and again. And that urge in itself is more satisfying.


What do I listen to in the studio?

Music-wise I am always listening to Jhene Aiko; an American singer and song writer somewhere between pop-oriented R&B and soul. I also love jazz and I listen to Afro beats as well. When I’m not listening to music, I listen to podcasts by other creatives to broaden my creative horizon.