Annette Schemmel is a teacher, scientist and curator interested in the migration of knowledges in the visual arts. Since 2018 she is teaching visual arts at Theresien-Gymnasium Munich, besides engaging in the professionalization of future art teachers. Her research is going back and forth between the classroom and the study, involving artistic experiments in various media and reading across disciplines. Her current seminar at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich aims at pushing the Eurocentric boundaries of art history lessons and at widening art teachers’ competencies with regard to non-Western notions of art.


Her phd-thesis from Free University Berlin is entitled "Visual Arts from Cameroon. A Case Study of Informal Training, 1974-2010" (Langaa RPCIG, Bamenda, 2016). Didactic tactics found in Cameroon and in other parts of the Global South have been inspirational for recent projects at school and at university. Other publications of hers are exploring best practices of cultural education for refugees or are scrutinizing art lessons aimed at global citizenship.


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