Karimatu Dauda is a PhD student with the SDG Graduate school "Performing Sustainability, Cultures and Development" in West Africa, University of Maiduguri Northeast Nigeria. She holds a bachelor degree in Creative Arts Department at Universtiy of Maiduguri and specialized in Theatre Arts. With her passion for Theatrical Performances she went further to gain more knowledge in the same field Theatre Arts from Ahmadou Bello University Zaria, where she obtained her masters degree in Theatre and Performing Arts and specialized in acting and directing. She wrote her dissertation in the area of dance performance, which examined the influence of globalization on Bansuwe festival.


Karimatu Dauda is currently lecturing at the department of theatre arts university of Maiduguri. She is interested in promoting and sustaining cultural performances, especially dance. Her PhD research area is centered on the sustainability of Bansuwe dance among the Bura People of Northeast Nigeria.

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