Niklas Wolf, M.A. is researcher and lecturer at the Department of Art History of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. As a research associate he is assigned to the professorship for the values of cultural heritage und provenance research (Prof. Dr. Dr. Antoinette Maget Dominicé). His research interests focus on the art history of Africa (especially tradition based art), photography, Material Culture, visual studies, art history and cultural anthropology, interculturality and aesthetics. Currently he is working on his doctoral thesis  ‘Voodoo and the state of inter. Bildproduktion und Medien ghanaischer Vodun zwischen Identität und Alterität’ (Voodoo and the state of inter. The (re)production of images and media in the context of Ghanaian Vodun between identity and alterity – working title), dealing with superordinate discourses of ownership and provenience, as well as the performative effects of specific, multifunctional objects in the construction of identity and alterity. (For more details see …)



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