n kiyonaga 


Dr. Nobumasa Kiyonaga is Professor of Art Theory at the Faculty of Art of the University of East Asia in Shimonoseki, Japan. Following a degree in Social Studies for School Education, Art Education and Art Science at the University of Yamaguchi and Hiroshima University, Dr. Kiyonaga completed his doctorate under the supervision of Wolfgang Legler at the Department of Educational Science / University of Hamburg in 2007 with his thesis on „Alfred Lichtwark. Art Education as Cultural Politics” (published by Kopaed, Munich). From 2008 to 2010 he was lecturer at the Institute for Political Science and Japanese Studies / Martin Luther University Halle. He has worked at the University of East Asia in Shimonoseki since 2011. His research focuses on the areas of the development of discourse on Aesthetic Education, Art Education, Cultural Education in Contemporary Germany and the History of Art and Cultural Politics in the German Empire (1871–1918).



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