The National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens (EMST) is partner through its Department of Education, Exhibitions, Publications and Cultural Activities.


In 2009, as part of its social and educational role, the museum launched the inclusive and participative programme EMST Without Borders, designed and led by Marina Tsekou, Education Curator. EMST Without Borders includes collaborations and synergies with various social groups and educational, cultural and social institutions, such as  rehabilitation centers against drug abuse,  elderly care units,  immigrant groups,  schools of intercultural education,  and second chance schools in detention centers. The aim of the program is to allow equal access to art, culture and education for all and to eliminate social exclusion and negative stereotypes.


In 2017, in collaboration with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, the interactive project Face Forward …into my home was designed and implemented with the participation of refugees and asylum-seekers living in Greece. Face Forward …into my home was funded by the European Commission’s department ECHO, in the framework of the ESTIA programme.