Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute / Department of Art History, Visual Arts and Musicology

Responsible: Prof Esther Kibuka-Sebitosi, PhD; MSc, BSc (Hon);   Prof Dr  Bernadette Van Haute


Prof Kibuka is the Coordinator of the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Expert Network ( in South Africa, a partnership between Germany, Mexico, India and South Africa. Her research and postgraduate supervision covers various fields such as African Renaissance, Gender, Decoloniality, Climate Change, among others.  Her current research is multidisciplinary covering sustainable development aspects and the transition to sustainable green economy.


Prof Dr  Bernadette Van Haute (link) teaches at the Department of Art and Music. The department's mission is to make education in arts and music accessible to all who have fulfilled the university's entrance requirements. It takes cognisance of the cultural diversity and needs of the students within a dynamic and democratic society, aiming to promote artistic awareness and nurture creative and critical skills, and to strive to be of service to the community.