The Expert Panel convened again for its 6th meeting in March 2021. One of the main topics was the current situation of the project and its perspectives after the end of funding in early 2022. Dr Avitha Sooful was elected as the chair of the group, and Patrique deGraft-Yankson, the coordinator of the project at the University of Education Winneba, Ghana, will be invited to join the group.



Present: Dr. Ebenezer Acquah, University of Education Winneba, Ghana; Dr. Stefan Eisenhofer, Museum Fünf Kontinente Munich, Germany; Dr. Mary Claire Akinyi Kidenda, Technical University Nairobi, Kenya; Dr. Bea Lundt, University of Winneba, Ghana; Dr. Avi Sooful, University of Pretoria, South Africa; Dr. Bernadette Maria Romain Van Haute, University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa; Dr. Ernst Wagner, Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste Munich, Germany



Ernst welcomed all to the meeting. Apologies from Paul-Henri Souvenir Assako Assako.


Situation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and what this means for further collaboration after February 15th, 2022

  • The project ist funded until the 15 February 2022 (link). This date stipulates the end of the contract between the Academy and the funders. But in the meantime the entire project was attacked by some lecturers of the Academy, who criticize this project as colonial thinking, carrying on patriarchal structures, and remaining superficial. It is not considered contemporary in its discourses. Perhaps there is no future after this at the Academy, but the German part of the project could be transferred to another university in Germany.
  • The decision taken was that a letter will be drafted in response. The view on the group and the project was condemned as colonial in itself and without merit.
  • In respect to this development, it is important to make the project more independent from a single institution. There is a need to rethink the structure of this project.


Chair of the Expert Panel

A speaker from Africa has to be elected as chair to drive the project. An email had been sent to all panel members to propose a candidate. Avi Sooful (South Africa) was suggested to chair the Expert Panel together with Ernst Wagner (Germany). This was supported by the committee.


Relation between the Expert Panel and the Steering Committee

As EVC's main activities are discussed by the Expert Panel it is suggested to invite Patrique deGraft-Yankson, the coordinator of the project in Ghana, to become member. The steering committee shall become an advisory board.

(The Steering committee has fourmembers: Paul-Henri Souvenir Assako Assako, Patrique deGraft-Yankson, Esther Kibuka-Sebitosi, Ernst Wagner.)


Exhibition Collective Memory

  • Six students in Kenya are engaged with the project already.
  • Germany – Collaborative exhibition to be hosted in June. This will be part of the Collective Memory Exhibition.
  • Ghana - This has been selected as a class project and is being actioned.
  • South Africa - The academic year began in March and the project is distributed.


documenta fifteen

Ernst informs about the recent planning in Kassel, Germany. The EVC network is invited to cooperate with the education department in developing a summer school during documenta. Four stages are suggested:

  1. April/May 2021: Preparatory meeting of those who are interested with Susanne Hesse and Ernst
  2. Until January 2022: Local seminars and/or workshops related to topics or themes, given by the documenta curators (sustainability, climate change; new economy, food supply; community building, the role of collectives[1]), developing of a set of “unique voices” from partnering countries.
  3. At the partners’ local universities, preparations of the Summer School(s) that are scheduled during the documenta exhibition.
  4. Between June 18, 2022 and September 25, 2022 Summer School(s) in combination with residencies: outstanding students, university lecturers, and artists who are involved in the project will be invited to the summer school that will include also members of more international networks. Travel and accommodation will be covered.

Those interested, submissions should be sent in by early April.


Book project

Mary Clare reported that 29 chapters have been received. The editors are now looking for reviewers in the different countries.

  • 5 SA (Lize)
  • 4 West Africa (Ebenezer/ Osuanyi)
  • 12 Kenya (Mary Clare)
  • 8 Europe (Ernst)

The Panel is happy with the progress. Thanks to Mary Clare and George Karani.


Next meeting: Tuesday 18 May, same time



 [1]              See as well 18 March 2021 “lumbung values: Local Anchor, Humor, Generosity, Independence, Transparency, Sufficiency, and Regeneration”