Since October 2022, a Ghanaian-German team has been working on a joint textbook for the subjects of art, history and geography (Link). The two-day workshop hosted by Prof. Dr. Gabriele Schrüfer was attended by:

  • Avi Sooful (art - moderator)
  • Gertrude Nkrumah (history)
  • Esther Y. Danso-Wiredu (geography)
  • Patrique deGraft-Yankson (art)
  • Osuanyi Essel (art)
  • Pöllath, Moritz (history)
  • Schrüfer, Gabriele (geography)
  • Kati Barthmann (geography)
  • Barbara Lutz-Sterzenbach (art)
  • Christian Roemmelt (art)
  • Christiane Schmidt-Maiwald  (art)
  • Schramm, Philipp (art)
  • Ernst Wagner (art)
  • Tiborra, Jana (art)
  • Schnurr, Ansgar (art)


Esther Y. Danso-Wiredu, Patrique deGraft-Yankson, Osuanyi Essel, Gertrude Pokuah Nkrumah and  Avitha Sooful at the excursion to Nuremberg with our wonderful hosts from the University of Bayreuth, Gabi Schrüfer, Kati Barthmann, Philipp Schramm and Christian Römmelt (LMU)


2023 06 Bayreuth7


Two days of intensive work led to the important result, the structure of individual lessons. Download the template.