(A) Eye - AI ... and the Future of Visual Culture.


The future of visual art is being significantly impacted by artificial intelligence (AI) in various ways. AI technologies are revolutionizing how artists create, display and interact with art. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into visual culture has significant implications for both future of art and the ethical considerations surrounding its use. It is a dynamic and multifaceted relationship as it provides insight into the intersection of technology, creativity and societal values. Visual art created using AI spans a wide range of styles and techniques and demonstrate the diversity and creativity that AI brings to the world of visual art. AI is revolutionizing the visual art by offering new possibilities for creativity, accessibility, preservation and engagement. Understanding AI’s impact on artistic expression helps us to navigate ethical, aesthetic, and philosophical implications. By considering these intersections, we uncover how AI reshapes cultural narratives, challenges traditional artistic processes, and opens new avenues for expression, fostering critical discourse and innovation. While challenges and ethical considerations accompany the integration of AI in the art world, its potential to enhance and expand artistic expression is undeniable.

As the influence of AI is so new, we don't yet know where the journey will take us. That's exciting: we are all in an experimental space with so many uncertainties. This is where we need to share our initial ideas and first experiences. 



Students are invited to explore the options for AI in their works and to share their concepts and experiences with EVC’s international community of students and teachers.

  • Curator for Kenya: Jane Awuor Otieno 
  • Curator for Ghana: Patrique deGraft-Yankson 
  • Curator for South Africa: Avitha Sooful
  • Curator for Germany: Verena Hägler
  • Curator for Cameroon: Constant Amougui


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The 4th TU-K International Conference on AI and Media  strives to be a focal point for exploring the transformative potential of AI in reshaping education and praxis in cross cutting domains of expertise. Through insightful discussions, collaborative engagements, and knowledge sharing, this event aims to chart the path for responsible and innovative AI integration. Date: 25th to 29th November (Nairobi Innovation Week).


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