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BACK COUPLING - Transnational Dialogues


"back coupling" is a group exhibition by young artists at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany together with partners from all around the world. For more than one year the students worked with their colleagues from Ghana, Hong Kong, Japan, Iran, Spain and South Africa on a joint project. The results are videos and sound installations, sculptures, paintings, textile works and mixed media. The exhibition is hosted by three different off-spaces in Munich.


"This is the first exhibition by this generation systematically practicing artistic collaboration beyond cultures and borders, long distances and language barriers", says Ernst Wagner, initiator and curator of this project and porfessor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. "What makes the results so fascinating are their different ways of apporaching such a cooperation."


One example is an array of sounds from Hong Kong, Germany, Iran and South Africa, which merge to a captivating sound collage, forming a placeless, global, contemporary work of art (Yi Lam April Kam from Hong Kong and Mira Sattelberger from Munich at achtzehnkommazwei – RAUM FÜR KUNST). In the same room there is a sculptural dialogue between Japan and Germany (Shigeyuki Myagawa und Martin Lehmer).


Extremely different art practices and visual vocabulary clash in a very political work by Lawrence Kyere (Ghana) and Rosa Pfluger (Germany) - exhibited at Super+CENTERCOURT, among a combined painting by Clara Ciriquiain from Spain and Maria Obermeier, Germany, which articulates subtle nuances of slight differences.


At Karin Wimmer's Digital Art Space, there are two installations on show: Octavia Roodt from South Africa and Stela Vula from Munich went  on the search for a common, digital imagery, which lets cultural differences vibrate, whereas, in a second room, Hosein Gafouri (Iran) and Georg Schatz (Germany) investigate on the topic of shelter from their respective point of view.






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