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Brazilian Objects & Cultural Expressions meet Museum Fünf Kontinente

Invited by Art Education Students from Augsburg University and supported by Lis Haddad, Isadora Canela, Thais Machado from Belo Horizonte

How this exhibition came about

Lis Haddad, Isadora Canela, and Thais Machado, three artists from Brazil - in cooperation with EVC - were invited by the City of Munich to an artist residency in early summer 2022. During this residency, they also visited the Latin America section at the Museum Fünf Kontinente to see what image of their homeland is shown in this important museum. To make it simple: they did not feel very comfortable about it.

Since Ernst Wagner was planning to work with the three artists from Brazil at a seminar on art mediation at Augsburg University anyway, the idea for this exhibition came about. Lis, Thais and Isadora had compiled a list of 'Brazilian visual objects' that are important to them and which they presented to the students. A theory-led exploration of these objects took place. In a further step, tense and controversial relationships with display cases in the museum were built up and ideas for museum interventions developed from them. You can find some of the results here.



A few shots regarding the theories (mainly Cilifford Geertz, Bernhard Waldenfels, Hans Koller) that were discussed at the seminar.

M5K Seminar


As this show is the major outcome from the cooperation of the three Brazilain artists and a group of students at Augsburg University taking place in a seminar held by Ernst Wagner in 2022, we have added two photos.

  M5K UA team2

 M5K UA team