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20220731 2


d2 PdGY

 Patrique deGraft-Yankson (Ghana) talking about "Traditional symbols as social practice" (Link)


de EA

 Ebenezer Acquah's (Ghana) lecture: Unpacking visual narratives from students’ pictorial images (Link)


de jp

 Nobumasa Kiyonaga (Japan): 1001 Ways to Teach Seeing – An international comparative study (Japan, SA, Germany) (Link)


d2 nai0

 Mary Claire Kidenda (Kenya) and Hans Binder-Knott (Germany) presenting "Sharing ressources - a board game" (Link)

d2 nai00

Esther Kute (Kenya): Sharing ressources - a board game (Link)


de nai1

 Playing the board game


20220731 3


d2 nai2

Emman Kianga (Kenya) talking about the video game "Hawker 101"  (Link)


d2 nai3

Suki  Mwendwa summarizing the projects from TUK Nairobi


d2 na

 Netshia Shonisane, Theophilus Mensah, Esther Kute, Juste Constant Onana Amougui, Lis Haddad, Thaís Machado, Isadora Canela, Christian Kabuss (South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Brazil, Germany): Narratives of the Anthropocene. Transmedia Storytelling (Link)


d2 oe

 Osuanyi Quaicoo Essel (Ghana) presenting the STEAM project (Link)


d2 BL 2

 Book launch of the Collective Memory catalogue

d2 BL


d2 pa

 Paul-Henri Souvenir Assako Assako (Cameroon) and Markus Schlee (Germany) presenting the exhibition about  their cooperation on the topic Collective Memory


d2 pa 2


d2 as 1

 Anja Schönau (Germany): Reflecting, provoking, transforming: Artistic methods and approaches to sustainable consumption as a global responsibility and field of social action (Link)


d2 as

 Avitha Sooful (South Africa): The Waste Claimer Project - methods used to gain new knowledge (Link)